The 16AA Zeus Immersion Sound Mod is intended for Mission Makers and Zeus Operators to add an extra layer of immersion through the use of sound. All sounds can be played either in triggers in the Editor or placed in Zeus using the default Bohemia 3D ‘Play Sound’ module. This mod also allows units to cut down the size of their mission ‘pbo’ by not having to include the most commonly used sounds and scripts within the mission file.

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Overview & Tutorial

Watch our demostration video of the sounds and how to use them.

Immersion Sounds Overview and Tutorial
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Sound Categories

What kind of sounds can I expect in this pack?


African French based conversations between men and women, from a small to large amount of person(s).


For use in Arabic based countries such as ‘Takistan’ or ‘Lythium’ etc.
Example sounds include:
  • Call to Prayer
  • Insurgent Radio
  • Angry Insurgent Speech
  • Marketplace / City Ambience


For use in any mission scenario or any location-based operation.
Example sounds:
  • Base Alarms
  • Barking Dogs
  • Broken Down Car
  • Fire Effects
  • IED Ring & Detonation
  • Distant Gunfire


Currently, we only have one sound in this category but looking to expand this in later.
  • Russian Radio Chatter

We believe that these categories cover a wide base of locations for you and your unit that can be used in a variety of different scenarios and can be layered on top of each other for a really compelling experience.

Download Mod

Where can I find and use these sounds in Arma 3?

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Eden Editor

Sounds can be added via triggers at the very bottom of the attributes section under ‘SFX’. Not only this, the ‘Play Sound’ module can also be used if you wish for the sound to be played at the start of your scenario on loop.


Can be placed in real time on an active mission using the default ‘Play Sound’ module. This can be found under ‘Modules/Audio/Play Sound’ Note: You may get a slight stutter in your game and / or micro disconnect from TFAR or ACRE whilst Zeus loads the sounds. This is inherited in the game and is nothing to do with the mod. .


If you have any suggestions for new sounds, please use the following form or alternatively contact us via our website at

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