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Operation HERACLES XV 191900ZJUN16

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Poll: Operation HERACLES XV 191900ZJUN16 (91 member(s) have cast votes)

Will you attend Operation Heracles XV at 1900Z on Sunday 19 Jun 2016?

  1. Yes, I will attend. (73 votes [80.22%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 80.22%

  2. Maybe, and I have PM'd my IC to say why. (5 votes [5.49%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 5.49%

  3. No, and I have posted an LOA. (13 votes [14.29%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 14.29%

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#1 Capt Ellis

Capt Ellis
  • A Coy 2IC
  • 1552 posts
  • LocationUnited Kingdom

Posted 15 June 2016 - 10:08 PM

TO: A Coy
FROM: Emmet, Maj, CO
DTG: 191900ZJUN16



A widespread Takiban offensive has overrun many TNA garrisons across KUNDUZ PROVINCE and threatens to cut supply routes to deployed ISAF forces. Fighting continues and a number of TNA and ISAF units remain at risk of being overrun.

ISAF HQ has ordered immediate offensive action to re-take critical infrastructure and provide relief to ISAF and TNA forces in contact. Priority is given to urban centres in order to prevent further large scale dislocation of CIVPOP.

Given intensity of fighting and critical nature of current situation ISAF HQ has authorised changes to RoE to incorporate NATO 429.


A Coy will DESTROY enemy forces operating in ZARGABAD in order to re-take the city and relieve ISAF units holding ZARGABAD AIRFIELD.


  • A Coy 2PARA 16AA Bde + Attachments
  • USMC armoured support TBC
  • Coalition rotary inc AH
  • Coalition FW from BAGRAM

Unknown, estimated at reinforced Coy strength Takiban fighters in hastily prepared positions inside ZARGABAD. Likely equipped with SA and RPG. Potentially equipped with heavier weapons including AAA looted from TNA stockpiles. Morale assessed to be high following initial successes.


A Coy will move overland to TNA held staging areas in vicinity south east ZARGABAD and link up with forward USMC elements (TBC). A Coy will then ATTACK WEST under cover of darkness using USMC armoured elements to cover flanks of advance. A Coy will FIGHT THROUGH enemy positions in order to LINK UP with remaining ISAF elements (NFD) in place ZARGABAD AIRFIELD.


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#2 Telford

  • Retired
  • 752 posts

Posted 15 June 2016 - 10:53 PM

A Coy HQ Attendance
Yes - 2
Maj Emmet
Capt Ellis

Early bird voting score: +18 points

1 Platoon HQ Attendance
Yes - 1
Sgt Millar

Early bird voting score: -19 points

1/1 Section Attendance
Yes - 10
Cpl Telford
LCpl Hughes
Pte Calahan
Rec Sikora
Pte Kalinsky
Pte Coxson
Pte Thomsen
Pte Karlsson
Pte Pedersen
Rec Stunkel

Not yet voted - 1
Pte Verreck

Early bird voting score: +6 points

1/2 Section Attendance
Yes - 9
Cpl Taylor
A/LCpl Jensen
Pte Agnel
Pte Crawf
Pte Juul
Pte James
Rec Stevens N
Pte Fuente
Pte Batchelor

Maybe - 1
Pte Haagenrud

LOA - 1
Pte Sendall

Early bird voting score: -7 points

1/3 Section Attendance
Yes - 8
Cpl Ege
LCpl MacDonald
Pte Oliver
Pte Johnsen
Pte Marshall
Pte Bowler
Rec Christoffer
Rec King

LOA - 1
Pte Scott

Early bird voting score: -18 points

2 Platoon HQ Attendance
Yes - 2
Lt Grant
Sgt Blanthorn

Early bird voting score: +45 points

2/1 Section Attendance
Yes - 6
A/Cpl Ainsley
A/LCpl Weston
Pte van Hemert
Rec Burns S.
Pte Tebbs
Pte Dante

Maybe - 1
Pte Skauge

LOA - 1
Rec Barclay

Not yet voted - 2
Pte Turnbull
Rec Evenhome

Early bird voting score: -18 points

2/2 Section Attendance
Yes - 7
Cpl Smith
A/LCpl van Hilten
Pte Wideskog
Pte Ludlow
Pte Robinson
Rec Kells
Rec Dennett

Not yet voted - 2
Pte de Cort
Pte Nicholls

Early bird voting score: -10 points

2/3 Section Attendance
Yes - 3
LCpl Bracken
Pte Lee
Pte Padhi

Maybe - 1
Rec Simpson

LOA - 3
Pte v. Vlerken
Pte Lynch
Pte Berntsen

Not yet voted - 3
Cpl Martin
Pte Hoggard
Pte Husby

Early bird voting score: -4 points

Support HQ Attendance
Yes - 2
Capt Field
Sgt Makinen

Early bird voting score: -2 points

FSG Attendance
Yes - 4
Cpl Scrivener
LCpl Dahl
Pte Vella
Pte Joyce

Maybe - 1
Pte Rabbit

Not yet voted - 1
Pte Scarle

Early bird voting score: -18 points

7RHA Attendance
Yes - 4
Bdr Jonsson
A/LBdr Richardson
Gnr Meadows
Gnr Oeverby

Early bird voting score: +20 points

13AARS Attendance
Yes - 2
Pte McPherson
Pte Keeling

Early bird voting score: +4 points

16CSMR Attendance
Yes - 2
A/LCpl Greenhalgh
Pte Kirwan

Not yet voted - 1
Pte Clement

Early bird voting score: -6 points

JHC Attendance
Yes - 3
A/Flt Lt Fletcher
Plt Off Jackson
Plt Off Clayton

Not yet voted - 3
A/Fg Off Stevens
Plt Off Pettersson
Plt Off Goosen

Early bird voting score: -47 points

Reserves Attendance
Yes - 1
Pte Liberts

DISTAFF Attendance
Yes - 2
Pte Knudsen
Pte Wilson

Maybe - 1
Pte Dodge

LOA - 1
Pte Braddock

Early bird voting score: +28 points

Voting statistics:
Yes: 68 (73%)
Maybe: 5 (5%)
No: 7 (8%)
Failed to vote: 13 (14%)
Total eligible: 93

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