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[J2]Intel - Pictures, text or video.

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#1 Pte Knudsen

Pte Knudsen
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Posted 01 May 2016 - 10:41 PM

Post any INTEL here.

#2 Cpl Boothroyd

Cpl Boothroyd
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Posted 01 May 2016 - 11:22 PM




A/1 patrolled from our Drop-off Point (GR 0036 0157) to Y6K5. We have successfully cleared a route both along the path from (GR 0030 0148 ) until it's end to the East and on the road upto and including Y6K5. Additionally, all compounds have been checked for IEDs around the inside and outside of walls. All conversations had were through an interpreter attached within the Plt.




We encountered 2x individuals inside this compound. One of the gentlemen was the owner of this compound and the second was a passing trader who was selling him a personal weapon for the grand total of $50. The owner of the compound did mention that a further 2 people (wife and a child) lived here but they had gone to a wedding in Kabul. The weapon trader didn't state were he lived and both gave the impression that they weren't happy being questioned so we said our farewells and thank you, cleared the perimeter of the compound and moved off.


The weapon trader moved off in a Dark Blue Toyota Hilux with a crate towards the NE up the road.




We spoke with the elder of these compounds who was named Faadil Abed who stated that there were a total of 17 people taking up residence here. This was not before he stated rather loudly that we was extremely anti-ISAF and wanted us to leave. He did however whisper that the Takiban were around and they could be listening, he gave reports that his family had been threatened in the past by the Takiban in the area and that his wives would be mutilated if seen helping any BLUFor elements.


He did mention that the Takiban are not local and are using caves and rat-runs off to the North, however it is alleged that civilians may also be using caves up North also to hide from the current struggles in the area. There is reason to believe that this gentlemen also owns Y5H19 after speaking to a passer-by. Upon leaving, the individual did make sure to shout a profanity directed towards our element but are aware this might be to keep the Takiban in check with his 'allegiance'.




There were civilians on position but we failed to find anyone who was willing to speak with friendly forces. All buildings and compound perimeters were full searched for IEDs.




A/1 encountered a few sightings and 1x conversation additional to this, i have a list of those here but not much else to report;


  • GR 0125 0135 - 1x Gentleman standing in a field, he wasn't acting suspicious in anyway so assumed to be a farmer. 
  • Orchard Y5I4 - 2x Individuals working the field.
  • GR 0131 0211 - 1x Pax milling around, nothing to report.
  • S side of Y6K6 on road - A gentleman going by the name of Takar-Al-Ahlaym, he reported hearing gunshots and explosions 30mins prior to us speaking with him off to the North before continuing along.


General outlook from myself as OC of this patrol was that the population will have to be turned to know that we are back in the area and that they can trust us and come to us in the future. ISAF forces didn't leave the best of impressions last time they were here.


Worth revisiting Y6K9 to try and get any identification of the weapons trader who he bought a weapon from but suspect the chance may be lost.

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#3 Pte Dahl

Pte Dahl
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Posted 02 May 2016 - 06:20 AM

4/1 was talking to a person from Kar Shek who said they had been taking fire from the hills in the west. Would put it close to fsg hill.

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#4 Maj Emmet

Maj Emmet
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Posted 02 May 2016 - 11:12 AM

Brilliant - keep it coming. Already clear that we should re-visit Faadil Abed in the hope of more Intel...

#5 Richardson S

Richardson S
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Posted 02 May 2016 - 02:51 PM

Some extra information on the 3x PAX ISTAR saw at Y9H21.


1x ran North and we lost sight of him.

1x ran West along path and stopped Y9H side of the river, never moved for the rest of the night.

1x ran south last seen by Y9H16.

#6 LCpl Smith

LCpl Smith
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Posted 05 May 2016 - 07:15 AM





Compound contained no intel. 

Inhabitant, 1 x unarmed military aged male, shouted "Allahu Akbar" several times before escaping to the EAST.



Compound contained no intel.

1 x unarmed military aged male, deceased, found at the NORTH entry point into the compound.  This was the entry where A-2-1 took casualties.  Possible PB-IED?

2 x armed military aged males, both deceased, found in building 1.  Weapons seized, 2x AK47, 1x RPG-7.


Other sighting:

Whilst awaiting extract we heard sporadic SVD fire to the SOUTH-EAST.


Friendly Casualties: 3x T3.  All taken on approach to Y9H:21

#7 Flt Lt Jackson

Flt Lt Jackson
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Posted 05 May 2016 - 07:49 PM

Ugly 5-1 Callsign captured image:



Visual of hostile insurgents moving possible cache out of Objective Mallory. Possibly explosives or munitions.

#8 Richardson S

Richardson S
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Posted 05 May 2016 - 07:52 PM

HERACLES II - UAV Operator Report.

2x PAX w/ Assault Rifles engaged 1 Platoon. Disengaged and ran with 1x Unarmed Man, then dumped weapons.


Y6J:1 / Y6J:2
2x PAX inside compound armed with Assault Rifles
1x PAX Patrolling area armed with Assault Rifle

1x PAX Engaged 2 Platoon, then fled from building to Y9H:13
1x PAX was unarmed watching 2 Platoon as Phoenix call-sign was brought in, moved inside to retrieve weapon (Assault Rifle) and then opened fire.



1x Unarmed Man seen fleeing area (200m away) before assault on compound. Seen running north east. (Believed to be from this compound.)

#9 Cpl Boothroyd

Cpl Boothroyd
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Posted 08 May 2016 - 02:01 PM




Movement from PB Churchill


A/1 moved via vehicles through Chara Dara, 1x potential IED was sighted along the N/S MSR in Chara Dara and 5&20s were setup. All clear was called and Plt mounted back up and moved to the designated DOP. 

Once at the DOP, 1x man was sighted on top of a Qualat tower inside 'The Fortress' pointed eratically and acting in an odd fashion at the sighting of ISAF forces.


Y7B Patrol


  • Compound 2 had 1x occupant who demanded that friendly forces leave him be and that we were not welcome in the area.
  • Compound 4 had 1x male inside who was acting suspiciously. When spoken to he did state that 'The man in tower sees all and knows all, he will kill me if he sees me with you. The Takiban know you are here and are waiting for you!'
  • No other compounds were willing to speak with us.


NE Contact


Around compounds Y7B 8&9, A/1 took contact from our NE along the riverbank, the enemy were utilising the bank to stay within defilade but the firefight drifted off as quickly as it had begun. Believed 3x en. fighting aged males are P4 or severely wounded after the engagement. 




General outlook from myself as OC of this patrol is to try and move on foot as much as possible whilst in the general vicinity of Churchill.


  • Recommend ICOM be monitored heavily given the intel given at Y7B4.
  • Once we get the nod that the enemy are to be preparing an engagement, I plan to have my CS alerted to the situation whilst also recognising a position for us to setup LDP if needs be.

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#10 Flt Lt Jackson

Flt Lt Jackson
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Posted 08 May 2016 - 11:06 PM



Twister 1 Merlin call-sign was deployed to provide preliminary ISTARS to the Y9H region, specifically the town of Tappah Ka.


Twister 1 observed 10-15 civilians on location going about their normal activities, no abnormal behavior observed.


3x vehicles spotted on location:


  • 1X Offroad Pickup Truck
  • 1X Flatbed Truck
  • 1X Civilian Bus

Twister 1 observed 1x armed man carrying what was identified as bolt action sniper with sniper scope on the northern side of Tappah Ka.






In Conclusion:


Town seems to be clear and quiet of insurgent activity, possible safe house due to armed guard on single compound. No hostile action was taken towards Twister 1's presence.

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#11 Richardson S

Richardson S
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Posted 09 May 2016 - 08:38 PM

HERACLES III - UAV Operator Report.



Possible IED Storage or Factory - 2x vehicles seen at this location at start of Op that matched description 2x VBIEDs, which attacked 2 Platoon.

#12 Cpl Boothroyd

Cpl Boothroyd
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Posted 10 May 2016 - 04:45 PM




Movement from PB Churchill


We moved from Churchill until our holding position on PL Red with no event whatsoever, this area was quite literally dead as previously stated in intial HERACLES brief.


Initial Chara Dara Patrol


 A/1 crossed PL Red E towards Compound Y6L1 which had 1x individual standing on the top. My 1/1 CS moved in to have a word with the gentleman who had seemed to move down and were engaged on the stairs by said individual which brought 1x P4 casualty.


There was an IED just to our N on the crossroads which was identified and later was blown in place.


My 1/2 CS had a sighting of fighting aged individuals armed with AKs moving danger close to their SE around compound Y6L33.


Contact within Chara Dara


From this point, we had contact throughout our movement whilst attempting to clear through the town and we were unable to take a significant count of P4 En. Pax.


A/1 pushed as far NE as compounds Y6L28, 29 & 30 and held before taking the decision to pull back to Churchill via Y6L34.


Contact IED


My 1/3 CS unfortunately hit an IED S of compound Y6L32 with 4x P4 casualties.




General outlook from myself as OC of this patrol is to try and utilise that Qualat Tower (Y6L1) if we head out on patrol in the town again.


  • Recommend we push for Y7E6 to 'nab' the potential high ranking local Takiban Commander.
  • Have potential HLS' cleared in case we come up against the high level of IEDs again.

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#13 Cpl Boothroyd

Cpl Boothroyd
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Posted 14 May 2016 - 04:08 PM




Movement from PB Churchill


Movement to our FRV was only interrupted by 1x believed weapons cache with a claymore around it on the NE corner of Y7B10. It may be critical that we send someone out to deal with this and confiscate any weapons that may be laying in this area.


Y7B1 & 2


In between these compounds and scattered throughout on the N side of the dirt road also was what we believe to be remnants of an old Russian minefield. This area must be properly looked at by an external C/S in order to make safe the area. 


Inside Y7B1 we had 1x gentleman on top of a roof that had intercepted comms stating he had 'insects in his field', the decision was made to get into this compound and try to detain the man in belief he may well be operating alongside the 'man on the tower', unfortunately he is now P4.


It is safe to say that Y7B1 & 2 are not the IED factory that was suspected a few days ago.




This compound was nicknamed 'The alamo'. The plan was to knock on the door with ANP officers in order to search and then detain the man we believe to be the high ranking local Takiban leader, we had ladders in the back-up that no-one answered. Unfortunately for us, they had planted an IED on the Eastern wall around the area that the ladders were to be setup and this resulted in quite a large boom and the wall being knocked down with a few casualties.


The local leader of the Takiban is presumed P4 inside the tower either due to explosion or through friendly actions.


Movement back to Churchill using Route Black


A/1 started there movement back towards Churchill with 2x detainees that were handed over to elements 4/3 under ANP supervision. IEDs were spotted along the route but routes Red & Blue are clear for the time being.





General outlook from myself as OC of this patrol is to have external C/S clear through the area of Y7B1 & 2 and N of the dirt road to clear up minefield aswell as a sweep of Route Black to make this whole area clear for the civilians to come back home after the fighting.


  • Getting the civilians back into their homes and on our side is a priority, we should do this via medical treatment and aid but also have them know that the local Takiban commander is dead and whilst ISAF forces are in the area , there will be no new uprising of En. forces.


  • Civilians are not to be shot at unless explicitly shouted or acting in an agressive manner, we had too many times that a civ was dropped just because he was running aorund. A bit gamey but we need to remember that AI will do this and zeus will be controlling them if they have any ill will towards ISAF.

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#14 LCpl Smith

LCpl Smith
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Posted 16 May 2016 - 08:32 PM

Heracles V AAR:  VCP South



Incident 1


Vehicle:  Light blue, 4 door, saloon.  Searched, nothing found.


Driver:  1x Military Age Male

Name given:  Mohammed Gul

He claimed to be a merchant that lived in a compound "far to the south".

Gave information on IED in or near Compound 20.  Note: He knew it was called 20 and did not give any local name.


Incident 2


Vehicle: White, 4 door, saloon that approached the VCP.

Became stationary at GRID 010:017.  1x Military Age Male exited the vehicle and observed our position.

He later re-entered the vehicle and drove off to the south.  Last seen in GRID: 008:012 heading south.

#15 Scrivener

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Posted 17 May 2016 - 05:24 AM

Heracles V FSG Intel


1 x Multi coloured, decorated Larda - Driven by 1 x fighting age male


Vehicle drove SOUTH toward 2 Platoon NORTHERN VCP. Stopped short and occupant dismounted waved twice toward compound Y6L-12, then occupant began possible prayer at roadside in GRIDS 0131 0318. Vehicle then moved toward VCP and turned around moving back NORTH.

Vehicle moved round compound Y6L-11 on NORTHERN road and turned right onto road between Y6L and Y7E moving SE. Vehicle stopped just NORTH of compound Y6L-20 and occupant entered the compound. Driver stayed on position for approx 15-20 minutes before getting back in the vehicle and driving NW before taking a right turn and moving NE into green zone using road SE of compound Y7R-1.


FSG Hill recieved 2 x RPGs and inaccurate small arms fire from vicinity Y7E-15, Y7E-14, Y7E-13.

#16 Cpl Boothroyd

Cpl Boothroyd
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Posted 18 May 2016 - 01:19 PM





2x Gentlemen were inside this compound, we were asked to leave this compound after one of the gentleman stated 'We bring Death'  and that during the fighting he had lost one of his sons (whether in the crossfire or otherwise, J2 should investigate). No names were collected.




1x Gentleman inside who owned the compound and the surrounding area. He is a farmer of both Opium and Corn. He has 6 wives who have been sent away to Kabul during the conflict. No name was collected.


We were informed that the Takiban do not like ISAF forces approaching the River running through the centre of the Valley, Civilians are allowed to go about their way along it though.


NW of Y6K2



2x IEDs found NW of Y6K2 [HP13, GR021 020]. A local was seen walking along the path who tried to move up towards the high ground that these were situated upon, was told to inform all other locals about these being there and to vacate the area and find a new path to move along until EOD have cleared the path.




One of the owners of a building inside this compound named 'Fhateen' stated that the locals are being stopped from setting up a proper market-place by the Takiban. He pointed towards compound Y6J1 in were he believes the Takiban are coming from and also informed us that they mostly move at night in teams of 1-5pax leaving small arms scattered within compounds and the surrounding area.


'Fhateen' did say that he is more than willing to help ISAF forces to get the marketplace back running again so it may be possible to visit with this gentleman again at some point.




2x Civs in this compound, 1 in the N building and the owner of the building to the W of this approached ISAF forces. This gentleman was injured and was treated on the scene for light bruising and a few cuts. This mans name was 'Isham', he has 1 wife and had 2 children who are deceased due to natural causes.


He claimed that the Takiban had been inside his compound the very morning before we arrived but gave no reasons as to why. Says that he crosses the river frequently and is dubious of the local government and ANP forces but could be persuaded if the water supply was sorted out and the local school and market were re-opened.




1Plt took rounds from these 2 compounds, 1Plt pushed in and accounted for 6x deceased En. fighting aged males and a large Cache of smalls arms, RPGs and IEDs. Cache was rigged and detonated before we moved to our LUP in compounds Y6K5&6.





General outlook from myself as OC of this patrol was that in order to win the locals they need to know that we are here until the Takiban are forced out and that we can help them shape a better life whether it be through better water supplies or the re-opening of the Market and School.


  • 1x Believed En. Radio was discovered on a deceased En. fighter, this was sent back to Churchill on one of the CASEVAC birds.


  • It's looking like the Takiban are using the river and Y6J1&2 as stepping off points through the night, may be advisable to have a bird watch over this area one night. 

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#17 LCpl Smith

LCpl Smith
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Posted 18 May 2016 - 10:57 PM

Heracles VI AAR



Discovered 1x SPG-9 in outbuilding of Y7E20.  Removed to Churchill.

#18 Cpl Boothroyd

Cpl Boothroyd
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Posted 18 May 2016 - 10:58 PM





Ref: Here.


Engagement with fights on high ground vicinity Tal Gozar


As A/1 patrolled along our route we were made aware of en. inside this town as they ambushed CS 4/1 with IED and also RPG. We continued along as this was out of our effective range. Moving further towards the town my CS was engaged in the green zone from the high ground around compounds Y5H14&16, we laid down suppressive fires and had the rest of my CS move into compound 19 to meet up with elements of FSG.




A gentleman who we believe to be Faadil Abed was present on this compound, he didn't give his name and we were unable to ascertain much information from a previously friendly towards ISAF forces local. The one thing he did state is that the Takiban are NE of his compounds.



Still awaiting report from my 1/2 CS...





General outlook from myself as OC of this patrol was that the fighters are definitely not local and they continue to come from the East side of the River but now have a strong belief after speaking to some locals that the town to the NW of Chara Dara may also hold Takiban forces.

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#19 Martin

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Posted 18 May 2016 - 11:04 PM

OP Heracles VI: Captured one map and radio on dead insurgent in compound 18. Also heard insurgent by the name of yousif in nearby compound 19. Compound 19 has tripwire IED on north entrance. Received INTEL on Takiban cave complex in re entrant NW of compound 12. 

#20 Johnsen

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Posted 18 May 2016 - 11:04 PM



Intelligence gathered from informant in Y6K9:

Name of weapons dealer is: Assad Fadel
He drives a large dark blue offroad vehicle, and seems to be able to avoid IEDs, but the informant does not belive he is connected to the Takiban.
He lives in Y7R19.

Takiban originates from the North, in "Tapikan" [sic], and move to their staging areas east and south during the night.
They especially congregate around a cave system and valley in grids 018 083, where they store their supplies.

The informant eagerly sells "cold cokk" [sic] to friendly troops for 1 dollar each. A sample has been included with this report.

Permission was given to take down a night letter attached to the outside wall of the informants compound. The informant assures us he's not being threatened personally, but that the warning is a general one about cooperating with foreign forces. I have attached a scanned copy to this report:


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