Modifications, usage & versions

Our dedicated in-house team of mod and add-on developers work with the very best that the Arma community has to offer so that we can present the most authentic and immersive military experience for our members.


The 16AA will at times switch between Stable, Dev and RC branches of Arma3.

We're currently on:

Arma3 Stable Branch v1.80

Arma3 Third-party Mods

The 16AA uses a number of third party mods for our simulation.

While we always try to stick to stable builds of these third-party mods, it's often advantageous for us to use older version or even at times use dev versions. Below you'll find a comprehensive list of all major third-party mods we use and the version they are on.

Arma3 Mod Version Author Website
ACE3 v3.12.0
ACEX v3.3.0
ACRE v2.5.1.980
CBA v3.5.0
CUP Terrains Core & Maps v1.4.1
RHS: AFRF v0.4.4
RHS: USAF v0.4.4

Note: Arma3Sync will always give you the correct version of the mods above, you're not expected to hunt for these individually.

Third-party Programs

The 16AA uses a number of third party programs to assist with communitation as well as keeping up to date with our mods.

A3Sync, is what we use to keep our mods up to date. We're always using the latest version of Arma3Sync.

Teamspeak 3 is our primary VOIP program, you can always find the installer for the correct version within your @acre2\teamspeak folder.

Program Version Website
Arma3Sync v1.6 update 2
Teamspeak 3 v3.1.7