We have our own in house Modification & Add-on Development team, called 3LSR. They are responsible for ensuring we have the best possible quality content available during our Game-play sessions while keeping our Add-on repository up-to-date.

Besides this, they also develop in house Add-ons, these include but aren't limited to Weapons, Uniforms, other British equipment. To be used within our campaigns. They maintain this and ensure the best possible integration with large modifications such as ACE3 or TFR. Part of their work is done on an open-source repository hosted by Github, which anyone can use and contribute too. 16AA is committed to helping the Arma community develop quality content for all to use.

Community involvement

The 16AA contributes to a number of third party community modifications. We do this in terms of development, contributing new features, assisting with testing of work in progress content and providing active feedback to the development teams of those communities. As a result, we have strong ties to the Arma3 open-source mod development community.

A list of projects the 16AA is involved in can be found below.

Arma3 Mod Author Website

Inhouse development efforts

Our own in-house development team, known as 3LSR, tirelessly work to create great British themed modifications and custom made content to support our bi-weekly campaign missions. From creating new vehicles to an unique OPFOR faction.