Joining the 16 Air Assault Brigade

The 16AA is probably best described as a MilSim Unit. We are a multinational gaming group that is based on the British Army's 16 Air Assault Brigade. Like many other MilSim groups playing Arma 3, we enjoy playing the game in the most realistic way possible, utilising real world tactics, applied to the game and making the most of what the Real Virtuality engine has to offer.

While we know when to get serious to get the job done, at the end of the day we enjoy playing with the friends we have made. We consider ourselves a mature group of gamers, in both mentality and age and whilst we do have a minimum-age (18) limit, the right attitude is what is most important to us.

Below you will find more detailed information on subjects such as what you need to be able to play with us, how our application process works and more.

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Required modifications

We have our own in house Modification & Add-on Development team with many in-house developed Add-Ons and we support and use modifications such as Advanced Combat Environment (ACE3), Community Upgrade Project (CUP), Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE2).

In order to attain the levels of realism that we require we utilise a number of mods for Arma 3, these are split into a core set that will rarely change and mission or campaign specific mods. We have many requirements of our mods, and in order to insure that we maintain high quality throughout we have a dedicated team of testers in house (3LSR) that have also produced content that we require that is not readily available to us. In order to keep a high level of communication we utilise ACRE2 (Advanced Combat Radio Environment.) We also include CUP (Community Upgrade Project) in its various forms.

ace3 logo cup logo acre logo

What do I need?

To be able to play with us, it is essential that you have the required software installed before applying. On our forums, we are prepared to help applicants with any issues they may encounter.

The list below briefly sets out the key components which you will need to join:

Arma 3

Arma 3 is an open-world military tactical shooter video game developed by Bohemia Interactive. Arma 3 is the game we play. Without this you simply cannot join.

Available here

Arma 3 Apex

Arma 3 Apex is an expansion for the core Arma 3 game, it adds various new high quality objects as well as a great new terrain called Tanoa.

Available here

TeamSpeak 3

Without this you will not be able to communicate with us. Don't worry too much about what version TeamSpeak 3 you are running, as our modpack includes the required version anyway. Our TeamSpeak server address is,

Available here


We run an Arma3Sync repository for our members, which is an easy way of ensuring everyone's always on the same page. With Arma3Sync comes the willingness to download additional mods.

Available here

How to join us

This section explains to you what the steps are to joining the 16AA. It details information about the entire process, from your application to your end goal of becoming a full member within the 16AA.

Step 1. Your application

Your first step in becoming a member of our group is to register for the forums and then complete an application. To do this you will need to go to our application form and complete this in as much detail as possible. If you can not answer 'yes' to the minimum entry requirements, then you are not going the person we are looking for!

Be sure to complete every part of the application form. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to post these in the Nags Head forum or hop on TeamSpeak and ask us.

Once your application is posted, a member of RRO will need to review your application before sending you a Private Message detailing further steps. So, please be patient - we will get to your application just as soon as we can!

Step 2. The Interview

Once your application has been posted and was reviewed by one of our guys helping in RRO, you will receive a PM with directions for your next step. This step is the interview!

At this point you will be expected to have Teamspeak 3 downloaded and installed. You will also need to respond to the PM listing a few times that will suit you for the interview.

The interview will take about 10-15 minutes. Here a couple of things you should know:

  • This is where you will be making your first impression on us, so make sure it's the one you want us to remember.
  • You may not be told immediately whether you have passed or failed the Interview.
  • Some of the questions might seem repetitive or silly, but we are trying to get an assessment of you as well as confirming the things you have already listed in your application.
  • Ask questions! This is a two-way chat. While we are forming an opinion on you, you should be doing the same on our group. Are you unsure of something? Get clarification - it's what we're here for.

After your interview, the RRO staff will review your application and approve it before you are accepted as a Recruit. Once you are accepted, your username will change to "Rec YourSurname" and you will begin your next step in becoming a member in this unit.

Step 3. Phase 1 Training

After passing the application process, you will be given your Recruit Tags and forum access to the Recruit Section.

Your next step will be to pass Phase 1 within the next week or two. Some notes you should keep in mind:

  1. Phase 1 is as much about skills as it is about determination, initiative and will to be a part of this group.
  2. Come prepared. Read what is on the forums, the information is there for you to absorb and guides you along the way. Our Training Articles cover the Phase 1 parts. Having an idea of what will happen, you do it quicker and better and the whole Phase 1 Training will be more enjoyable for you and the Instructors.
  3. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. This is the key one that we find Recruits falling down on. Just because you didn't pass everything the first go, does not mean you need to quit. If you do, it's saying something your character and chances are you won't have the opportunity for a second chance for long.
  4. Watch, listen, learn, ask. Ask questions if you don't understand something.

Once you've passed Phase 1 you will then be assigned to a Section by Platoon HQ and promoted to Private, after which you'll have become a full member of the 16AA!

Join 16 Air Assault