Our Chain of Command is based on the British Army's format. We do offer positions to people who have proven they have leadership abilities and know the elements that we require people to know as part of our unit. However, leadership positions are limited within the unit so please don't join with the expectation of going up the ranks quickly. Below are a list of the ranks that the 16AA currently use within their unit structure.

Enlisted Ranks

InsigniaFull TitleAbbreviationDescription
rank insigniaRecruitRecRecruits are troopers-to-be. This is the first rank you will receive upon joining the 16AA and is only hold until you pass your phase 1 training.
rank insigniaPrivatePteThe majority of the 16 Air Assault Brigade are privates - they're the building block of the unit. Once you've completed your Phase 1 training, this is where you'll find yourself. Pte's are the regular soldiers in our community. The equivalent rank in the Royal Artillery is Gunner.
rank insigniaLance CorporalLCplPromotion to Lance Corporal may follow after completion of the JNCO qualification and when assigned to an appropriate posting. As the most junior NCO, they need to be able to supervise small groups and are typically. Second-in-Command (2ic) of larger unit's such as an infantry section. They need to be able to take on the responsibilities of their Corporal if he or she is unavailable. The equivalent rank in the Royal Artillery is Lance-Bombardier.
rank insigniaCorporalCplAfter demonstrating an appropriate level of skill and experience of leadership, Lance Corporals can be promoted to Corporal. Corporals are often described as the "backbone" of the British Army. They are responsible their unit as a whole, from organising training to making tactical decisions in the field. The equivalent rank in the Royal Artillery is Bombardier.
rank insigniaSergeantSgtSergeants are typically the most experienced and hardworking NCO's within their platoon or unit. Their maturity, wisdom and knowledge is in valuable to both the junior officers as well as the JNCO's he supervises. Normally in the role of a Platoon Sergeant. Their main duties are to supervise the training and discipline of the soldiers, delegate tasks to the JNCO's and assist their platoon commander in the commanding of the platoon. Other combat roles include casualty clearance, management or POW's and fire support.
rank insigniaStaff SergeantSSgtAfter long term service as a sergeant or corporal, promotion to staff sergeant may become available. This senior role combines man and resource management of important elements within the 16AA.
rank insigniaWarrant Officer 2WO2A senior management role. These officers are normally focussing on training, welfare and discipline of a company (as the company sergeant major), or are commanding critical hardware and personnel. They also act as senior advisors to the unit commander and when necessary junior officers as well. Seasoned Warrant Officers may be promoted directly to the rank of Lieutenant.

Officer Ranks

InsigniaFull TitleAbbreviationDescription
rank insigniaSecond Lieutenant2LtThe first rank held upon commissioning, Second Lieutenants are responsible for leading a platoon of up to 30 soldiers. The rank is normally held for a year after which time they are expected to demonstrate both confidence and proficiency in platoon tactics as well as the commanding of the soldiers under him.
rank insigniaLieutenantLtUpon promotion, Lieutenants will be given more responsibilities within the company with regard to high level planning and are expected to become experts in company infantry tactics and as well as the capabilities of other supporting groups in the unit.
rank insigniaCaptainCaptThe captain is second in command of the unit. He delegates responsibility for tasks to the officers and SNCOs to keep the unit running smoothly. He is a major part of the high level planning, logistical support and manpower management. They are also in training to command the unit and can lead a platoon or act as 2ic within company HQ in the field.
rank insigniaMajorMajThe senior commissioned officer in the unit, commands the unit and is chiefly responsible for all aspects of the unit. Typically acts as company as well as mission commander in the field.

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