16 Air Assault Brigade

A multi-national Arma 3 Milsim Group

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A gaming community built and developed around Arma 3

As a community we have roots dating back to 2005 and the original Operation Flashpoint franchise,
and we're early adopters of the Arma series upon its release.

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Based on the British armed Forces

Our organisation, equipment and tactics are based as closely as possible on the British Armed Forces.
With a roster that produces attendance of 70+ on a gaming night, we are able to conduct full scale, Company strength, combined arms operations on a twice weekly basis.

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We use and support various large community modifications within the Arma community, such as Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3), Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE2), and Community Upgrade Project (CUP). Our dedicated in-house team of mod and add-on developers work with the very best that the Arma community has to offer

Read more about what modifications we have and how we use them

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