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Our Chain of Command is based on the British Army's format. We do offer positions to people who have proven they have leadership abilities and know the elements that we require people to know as part of our unit. However, leadership positions are limited within the unit so please don't join with the expectation of going up the ranks quickly. Below are a list of the ranks that the 16AA currently use within their unit structure.




Recruits are troopers-to-be. In the actual army it would mean doing push-ups and pull-ups till you faint, here it means that you need to fit in. Basically you have to gain some knowledge on how we operate during our Phase 1 Training, which will give you the foundation to build on once you've been assigned to your Section. Recruits have only one responsibility: To get themselves out of Phase 1 as quickly as possible!
Rec Insignia


The majority of the 16 Air Assault Brigade are privates - they're the building block of the unit; Privates have no combat responsibilities beyond knowing what they're doing when in game. Once you've completed your Phase 1 training, this is where you'll find yourself. If you're assigned to one of our Air Assault Infantry Sections, your next goal will be to perfect what you've learned. Once you've proven to your Section Leaders that you know your various drills and can engage properly in a firefight with the rest of your Section, you are awarded your Infantry Dagger. On the other hand, if you are assigned to Flight, you will need to learn the processes and procedures our Pilots go through before earning your Half Wings.
Pte Insignia

Pilot Officer

Pilot Officer (Plt Off) is the most junior rank within 1 Flight. Successful applicants into 1 Flight can expect to be promoted to the rank of Pilot Officer upon being selected as trainee pilots. The primary target for all Pilot Officers is the acquisition of their Full Flight Wings. Until they have completed basic and advanced flight training they are not eligible to be in command of an aircraft without supervision. Once they have completed training and have been awarded their Full Wings, they are then fully fledged pilots and can accept invisibility taskings from the Flight Lieutenant and Flight Officer respectively.

Pilot Officer (Plt Off) is the equivalent of Private (Pte) in an infantry regiment.

Plt Off Insignia


Lance Corporal

The most junior NCO, most commonly held by a Second-in-Command (2ic) of a section. The Lance-Corporal is in charge of the delta fire team when the section is split up. They need to be able to command a section effectively when called upon if their section commander becomes a casualty.
LCpl Insignia

Lance Bombardier

The Lance Bombardier is a rank appointed exclusively to artillery regiments. The Lance-Bombardier is the second in command of a gun battery. They need to be able to command a battery effectively when called upon if their section commander becomes a casualty or is off station. The rank Lance Bombardier (LBdr) is equivalent to Lance Corporal (LCpl) in an infantry regiment.
LBdr Insignia

Flight Officer

The Flight Officer (Fg Off) is second-in-command of 1 Flight and must be able to assume command as and when required. His job is primarily to coordinate flight assets and set taskings for Pilot Officers. He is also resonaible for organising training for new pilots and acting as a liaison between 1 Flight and the Forward Air Controller when required. The rank Flight Officer (Fg Off) is equivalent to Lance Corporal (LCpl) in an infantry regiment.
Fg Off Insignia


Corporals are often found in charge of a section of eight people. The corporal will command charlie fire team when the section is split into fire teams (charlie, led by the corporal, and delta, led by the lance-corporal) Corporals are often described as the "backbone" of the British Army. They are responsible for the section as a whole, from organising training to making tactical decisions in the field.
Cpl Insignia

Flight Lieutenant

The Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) is in command of all 16AA flight assets. His job is to organise and lead the pilots of 1 Flight, from training to awarding new pilots their Half and Full Flight Wings. In Mission, he is responsible for co-ordinating all 16AA air assets, assisted closely by the Forward Air Controller from the ground. He delegates responsibility for tasks to his Flying Officer and Pilot Officers to ensure all taskings are met and that 1 Flight runs smoothly. The Rank Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) is equivalent to a Corporal (Cpl) in an Infantry Regiment.
Flt Lt Insignia


This is the first of the Senior NCO Position, normally in the role of a Platoon Sergeant. Their main duties are to liaise between the CO and Section Leaders/Troops, be available for members of the unit to approach with problem/ideas for the bettering of the unit and to provide direction for the unit.

On the battlefield they normally move between the sections making sure everything is running smoothly - and being ready to take over command of the platoon should anything happen to the Platoon Leader.

In addition to the above the Platoon Sergeant looks after organisation of the platoon training, deals with applicants and general forum/unit admin.

Sgt Insignia

Warrant Officer 2nd Class

Warrant Officer Class 2nd Class (WO2) is one of the highest group of non-commissioned ranks. Within 16AA they are appointed the position of Company Sergeant Major (CSM) who responsible for administration, standards and discipline within A Company of 16AA. The CSM is directly responsible to the Company Commanding Officer (CCO).
WO2 Insignia

Warrant Officer 1st Class

Warrant Officer Class 1st Class (WO1) is the highest non-commissioned rank within the 16AA and the British Army. Within 16AA they are appointed the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM). The RSM's primarily responsible for maintaining standards and discipline and acts as a parental figure to his or her subordinates within the Operational Support Company and is directly responsible to the Support Company Commanding Officer (CCO) and also acts as the Support Companies Second in Command (2iC).
WO1 Insignia


Second Lieutenant

The second Lieutenant is the second in command of the platoon whilst expanding on their ability to lead, or in absence of a Lieutenant they fulfil the role of OC.
2nd Lt Insignia


The lieutenant is in command of the platoon. His job is to primarily organise and lead the 16AA, from training to organising operations. He delegates responsibility for tasks to NCOs to keep the unit running smoothly.
Lt Insignia


The Captain is essentially the 2IC of the company when the Major is unavailable.
Capt Insignia


The commander of the 16AA possesses the rank of Major.
Maj Insignia
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