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Structure: A Coy / 613 TACP
TACP IC: WO2 Hope [W-7-0]
TACP 2IC: A/Cpl Crawf [W-7-1]
PRR Channel: 13
Formed: April 2012

Tactical Air Control Party

Member Roles Callsign
WO2 Hope Squadron Commander Widow 70
A/Cpl Crawf TACP IC / FAC Widow 71
Pte Weston D FAC Widow 72
Pte Rutter Signaller Widow 73


613 TACP or "Tactical Air Control Party" is a small unit of men attached to the 16AA from the RAF Regiment. Their role is to effectively organise all forms of Airborne Transport (including CASEVAC/MEDEVAC), Logistics and Close Air Support.

The unit consists of four Forward Air Controllers, all the FAC's within the unit are highly trained and skilled radio operators. Along with this they all must be able to keep a track of multiple things at once as well as keep an eye on the bigger picture within the area of operations.

The FAC's are called upon when they are needed for Close Air Support(CAS) directing pilots onto targets through the use of a 9 line system and either dropping GPS guided ordnance or the FAC will guide a bomb to target with the use of a Special Operations Forces Laser Marker (SOFLAM).

Other roles include designating Helicopter Landing sites (HLS) for CASEVAC of injured personnel as well as using these locations for logistical movements.


  • Troop Insertion/Reinsertion and Extraction
  • Ammunition Resupply
  • Vehicle Lifting and Insertion/Extraction

'Close Air Support'

  • ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveilance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance)
  • Target Designation for Precision Guided Bombing or Air-To-Ground Missile strikes
  • Processing and handling of requests for Close Air Support on Enemy Infantry and Armoured targets via Rotary Wing Assets (Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4)
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