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Welcome to 16 Air Assault Brigade

16AA is a Multinational Arma 3 Milsim Group; a gaming community built and developed around Bohemia Interactive's flagship first person shooter: Arma 3.

As a community we have roots dating back to 2005 and the original Operation Flashpoint franchise, but were early adopters of the Arma series upon its release. We have a great deal of experience extracting the most from the game that we play and our success is in large due to the unprecedented commitment of our membership.

Our organisation, equipment and tactics are based as closely as possible on the British Armed Forces. With a roster that produces attendance of 70+ on a gaming night, we are able to conduct full scale, Company strength, combined arms operations on a twice weekly basis.

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Our dedicated in-house team of mod and add-on developers work with the very best that the Arma community has to offer so that we can present the most authentic and immersive military experience for our members. We support and use Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3), Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALiVE) and Task Force Radio (TFR) to enhance the realism of our operations.

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Our highly skilled campaign teams work with all elements of the community to deliver realistic company-sized operations based on credible, real-world, scenarios. From counter-insurgency operations to full on war-fighting, we deliver high-quality, tailor-made, operations twice a week, every week; without fail. We pride ourselves on operating a structured briefing model which ensures that once we step off, every member of the team knows their role in any given operation. In game, our strict adherence to a military chain of command, and the realistic use of radio nets and radio procedure, means that we can respond flexibly to any tactical situation. We organise ourselves effectively to take the fight to the enemy.

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Joining 16 Air Assault

The 16aa are always looking to recruit new members. We are looking for dedicated and mature gamers who have an interest in achieving objectives as part of a team and operating under the applied tactics and procedures of the modern day British armed forces. Whilst British based, our current ORBAT includes many nationalities from all over the European mainland and the American continent.

While we know when to get serious to get the job done, at the end of the day we enjoy playing with the friends we have made. We consider ourselves a mature group of gamers, in both mentality and age and whilst we do have a minimum-age (18) limit, the right attitude is what is most important to us.

If you are interested, and believe that you can Get The Job Done, then please visit our “Joining The 16AA” page for more information!

Should you have any questions you'll always be welcome to jump on our teamspeak - ts.16aa.net

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Latest News

UPDATE A3: Modpack

Our modpack has been updated; please update now.


The following changes have been made:



@16AA_Opfor - Adds OPFOR units & weapons
@Multitude - Adds the map for campaign Multitude
16AA_vehicle_scripts - Adds new weapon system to WMIKs. Adds dismounting of commanders gun on WMIKs



@ace -fixes and performance improvements

bzly_mantrucks - Moved Mann trucks to 16AA Vehicles Support. Increased amount of spare wheels. Installed new engine and brakes
16aa_hilux* - Removed 16aa_weapons_opfor* dependancy
16aa_map_fixes - Fixed required addon error
16AA_radios - Moved Raising/Lowering of headset to a keybinding (Unbound by default)
16AA_staticweapons - Fixed locality issues
16aa_weapons_bfa - Added weight to description of items
16aa_weapons_c - Allow 30Rnd Stanags to work in L110A2. Added weight to description of items
uk_veh* - Bug fixes



16aa_takiban - Replaced by AFP
asdg_jointrails - Integrated into @CBA
16AA_jackal_scripts - Moved to 16AA_vehicle_scripts


Note: Don't forget to defrag your system afterwards (unless you have an SSD, where this isn't required)
Note2: In order to save having to download some duplicate files, rename @DarkForest to @16AA_Opfor before running A3Sync.


Please report any issues in the Technical Support forum.

UPDATE A3: Modpack

Our modpack has been updated; please update now.


The following changes have been made:



16AA_crates_c - Moved crates to new dev environment. Removed old rearm crates
16AA_radios - Added Raising/Lowering of radio headset



@ace - Fixes a ctd error

16aa_crates_a3 - Added medium wooden crate
16aa_equipment_c - Adjusted weights
16AA_staticweapons - Adjusted weights. Updated scripts
16aa_vests_c - Adjusted weights
16aa_weapons_bfa - Adjusted weights
16aa_weapons_c - Adjusted weights



16aa_crates_a3_cfg - Moved to 16AA_crates_c

Note: Don't forget to defrag your system afterwards (unless you have an SSD, where this isn't required)


Please report any issues in the Technical Support forum.

Unit Update: Joint Helicopter Command

From: Emmet, J, Capt. 2IC A Coy
To: A Coy + Attachments
Subject: JHC
Priority: Routine
DTG: 17SEPT2015




JHC 2IC to be appointed. Target strength of eight (8) fully qualified pilots. Recruitment to be prioritised within existing procedures. No compromise on training or quality. SOPs to be shared to enable better understanding. Operational planning (J3) to be significantly improved. Operational C2 unchanged via FST.



a) Command


Flt Lt Bradley remains in command of JHC. HQ is taking immediate steps to identify and appoint a suitably qualified 2IC and will announce this shortly. As part of Support Coy JHC comes under command of Capt Field for all administrative, training and planning purposes. On operations JHC assets (including fixed wing and UAV) will come under tactical command of the Coy Cmdr and his 2IC, via FST.


b) Personnel


JHC require a minimum strength of eight (8) pilots in order to service A Coy in a full scale Air Assault operation. The intent is to hit that target strength over the next two months in order to fully support the campaign which will follow on from Op MULTITUDE. In order to do this some changes are required to both recruitment and training practices.


c) Recruitment


We will not alter the basic principle that any new recruit must train and pass muster as an infantryman first. However, recognising the urgent need for new pilots and recognising the particular equipment and skills required to fly rotary and fixed wing to the standard that the community expects, some amendments are necessary in order to bring through prospective pilots quickly, whilst still giving them an appreciation of our core operations in the ground. The following changes will be made.

  • JHC personnel, in consultation with RRO, will advertise directly for prospective pilots. Ideally this will form part of a wider and ongoing recruitment effort;
  • Prospective pilots will join as recruits and be subject to all the usual interview and vetting procedures;
  • Prospective pilots will be pre-assigned as usual to infantry sections in order to complete their basic training and familiarisation during op nights;
  • Prospective pilots will be free to conduct formal flight training in parallel on non-op nights;
  • Following successful Phase 1 pass and promotion to Private prospective pilots may be assigned directly to JHC as trainees, subject to approval from H/RRO.


JHC training syllabus for rotary and fixed wing airframes will continue to be thorough and comprehensive, with the aim that every pilot should be competent to operate to a high standard using the Advanced Flight Model. We will not compromise on quality.


Standard Operating Procedures


We recognise an urgent need to provide wider visibility of JHC Standard Operating Procedures in order that dependencies can be identified and conflicts with ground SOPs ironed-out. A new forum area will house all SOPs in use across the unit without exception. A wider review of SOPs will continue as further research is conducted. A volunteer or volunteers is sought to plan and conduct this move of material - please approach REME. We expect and require any reasonable query on an SOP to be addressed by the owner in a reasonable timeframe in order that lessons learned are taken into account and improved practices and procedures are generated. We do not expect this principle to be abused.


Operational Planning (J3)


Operational planning activity for the use of JHC assets and capabilities has been deficient for some time, resulting in failure to provide basic information to aircrew (NOTAM) and failure to adequately explain the limits of available capability. HLS and flight path selection has been arbitrary and lack of credible OPINT (J2) has lead to regrettable incidents where airframes have been lost. A wholesale reappraisal of our operational planning processes is required in order to ensure that JHC assets are deployed and employed correctly, that the infantry get the service and support that they require and that there are sufficient engaging and credible tasks for JHC to complete during a given operation. This will require up-front effort from mission makers to deliver (where appropriate) an accurate J2 picture from which planning can flow and significant effort from JHC to engage early and comprehensively in operational planning activity. Details of these steps along with appropriate pro-forma (HELQUEST, NOTAM, Load Plan, HLS Plan) will be posted in a J3 reference thread shortly.

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